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3 Home Updates You Can Tackle This Year

With the current state of events we’re confident that almost everyone has fallen into the same predicament as us. Everything you thought you had planned out has now fallen through the cracks or has been postponed for the latter part of the year. Well we are here to lend you some advice – don’t let the Coronavirus stop you from tackling those at home projects you’ve been dreaming of!

With all of the uncertainty that has evolved over the past few weeks (or months), we are certain about one thing: home renovation projects can push on. It’s always a good time to consider sprucing up your home with new designs and trends and thankfully, with the beauty of the internet, you can do almost all of your planning right here online!

We know that circumstances have changed, so we wanted to give you a list of 3 achievable home updates you can tackle this year!

1 – Fireplace Facelift

It’s quite shocking how much one remodel project can change the entire look and feel of a room, and there is nothing quite like a fireplace update!

As you’ve probably seen, bold and unique fireplaces have become an increasingly popular trend in interior design. Things such as exposed wooden mantels or marble-looking fireplace surrounds have taken Instagram by storm with its tremendous beauty and jaw-dropping features.

Something like renovating your fireplace can drastically change the aesthetic of your home and portray your unique, personal style! Construction Resources (CR) offers several different types of fireplaces to suit your lifestyle – from electric, gas, wood-burning and more. CR also offers various home design products that you can add to the mix! Incorporating porcelain material, such as Antolini Tech, to your fireplace surround will add a striking design and immediately catch everyone’s eye. Adding in Olde Mill exposed wooden beam mantle as well? Well, that combination sounds like a masterpiece!


2 – Update Your Countertops

Feeling like your home is a bit outdated? That’s alright! Installing new countertops will surely provide a fresh feel to your kitchen area!

In many new American homes, marble-looking countertops have become highly sought after. However, did you know that most of these surfaces that you know and love are possibly not even marble? Although beautifully stunning in design, marble is a soft and porous stone, which is susceptible to staining, chipping and scratching. CR offers a plethora of countertop options, such as quartz and porcelain countertops, that are extremely durable and resistant to high temperatures, staining and scratches. They also give you that beautiful veined look that you absolutely love!




3 – Enlighten Your Space

Here’s an idea that typically doesn’t come to mind at first when updating your home – installing new light fixtures. If you’re response to that was, “Really?” then our answer is, “Yes, really!”

Although small, lighting can make a profound difference in your home. Adding fun, bold pieces to various rooms can truly emphasize your design style and give your home that extra touch that you were looking for. For example, if you love the look and feel of a modern farmhouse design, swap out your natural lighting for matte black chandeliers or add pendant lighting in your bathroom! Or, maybe you prefer a traditional style home? Adding a hanging lantern style lighting into your entry way is a great way to welcome guests into your home and showcase your classy style.

We hope that we could help you spark creativity and provide you with an idea on how to begin your next design project. For any questions you may have, contact Construction Resources and an experienced design consultant can assist you along the way!