4 Reasons Why the Floating Mantel is the Best Foundation for Your Favorite Holiday Decor

Few things in life evoke the pleasures of the Fall season like these things: football, pumpkins, crunchy leaves, scarves – and decorated mantels! We know here in Louisiana, with our scorching weather and humid climate, fireplaces often aren’t the norm as far as home features go. This is where inexpensive and easy-to-install floating mantels come in for a pinch hit and a chance to recreate that cozy fall look you’re after.

So whether you have a fireplace with a mantel that might need sprucing up, a woodburning, gas, or electric fireplace without a mantel, or you long to create that cozy fall feeling in your home – a floating mantel is your go-to. Here are 4 reasons why floating mantels make for great Fall décor (and really, great décor for any season!).

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#1: Your Fall Decorating Options are Endless

Aside from being naturally rustic in nature – a sure signal of Fall – our engineered reclaimed wood floating mantels form a blank canvas for nearly any type of décor. Your decorating options are truly endless, from arranging colorful pumpkins and candles to adding traditional lanterns, garlands of fall leaves and greenery, twinkling lights, minimalist bunting, family photos, seasonal art, and so much more. Lots of our customers love switching out their floating mantel décor by season and even events and places. We’ve seen back-to-school-themed mantels, football themes, beach themes, and gardening themes.

Check out our floating mantels gallery and our Pinterest board for lots of inspiration.

#2: You Can Install Them in a Snap

While it’s true that floating mantels of the solid wood variety are often difficult to install and likely need to be installed by a professional, our reclaimed engineered wood floating mantels are a true DIY project you can tackle. And in just a few hours!

Our floating mantels are made from reclaimed longleaf pine and are hollow inside, making them lightweight and much easier to handle and mount over heavy solid wood beams. They’re also identical in appearance while adding an additional element of storage for electrical cords and conduit. Installation takes just a few tools and hardware and is a step-by-step process you can follow along with.

#3: They’re Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, and Beautifully Rustic

By nature, reclaimed wood mantels are naturally eco-friendly and sustainable features to add to your home. They’re made of recycled wood, after all. Our process involves sourcing structural timbers from salvaged longleaf pine, re-milling it, and re-engineering it into finished mantel pieces. Our hollow mantels are also LEED-certified (LEED = Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), making them both a stylish and responsible choice in your home décor. Their beautiful rustic appearance adds both an earthy and Fall-like flair to your living space. These are décor pieces you can truly feel good about when you add them to your home.

#4 Lagniappe: Lifetime Guarantee

We’re not happy until you’re happy. We guarantee that your product will be free of manufacturing, design, and functional defects. If at any time your Olde Mill product should develop any warps, twists, or delamination, we’ll repair it or replace it at no charge to you as long as it was properly installed. Read more about our lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

Looking for a Reclaimed Wood Mantel or Need a Custom Piece?

Shop all of our reclaimed engineered wood mantels of varying lengths and find one that works for your space. We also create an exclusive drawer floating mantel that provides extra hidden (and easily accessible) storage. If you need a custom length, we’re happy to work with you to customize a piece that is the perfect addition to your home and the perfect addition for Fall. Contact us anytime for help as you shop.