There’s nothing like the rustic, old-world, look and nod to history that antique reclaimed wood beams provide in a home. You can see the knots in the wood. Stain it the color you like. You can almost hear the stories where the wood has been.

But now, you can get that same experience of 100 year old wood with modern, engineered features making it easy to install and consistently straight (up to 25’ without a splice).

Antique beams can be customized to give a rustic to modern look and everything in between! woodsy, primitive vibe on ceilings, over doorways, or as posts to create separation in an open floor plan. They can also be designed to look decidedly modern, adding clean lines with a unique look that new wood just doesn’t offer. Regardless of how you choose to use them, they add unmatched charm and character to any space.

If you’re a builder or an interior designer, incorporating antique wood beams crafted out of reclaimed wood keeps your work on trend, adds an eco-conscious element, and creates a signature throwback style you can be known for. 

The Beauty in Adding Our Antique Reclaimed Wood Beams to Your Project

We’ve loved the look and feel of rustic home décor elements for years – even before Chip and Joanna Gaines brought the farmhouse trend to their hit show “Fixer Upper.” There are a few key characteristics about our signature box-style wood beams we especially love.

(We’re guessing you and your clients will too!)

  • They’re Beautifully Handcrafted With Care – We spend hours milling,shaping, and fusing each of our wood beams to exact specifications. This helps us ensure that every one of them is unique and filled with the character that adds so much originality to your clients’ indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • They’re Versatile – From using them as architectural ceiling beams to door headers, as door frame elements, or as accent pieces to create the illusion of separation in a floor layout – there’s really no limit to how you can incorporate our beams into any home.
  • They’re Available in Different Sizes – We offer our reclaimed wood beams in 2-, 3-, and 4-sided designs and in up to 25 feet in length without a splice joint. Custom sizes are almost unheard of with solid reclaimed wood beams and the delicate nature of them makes it incredibly difficult to shape 2 or more uniformly. Our beams are an excellent high-quality alternative.
  • They’re Eco-Friendly – By nature, recycled reclaimed wood itself is an eco-conscious material and choice. You and your clients can feel good about adding these sustainable accents to a project.
  • They’re On-Point and On Trend – Just like you, we work regularly with homeowners and business-owners to revamp their interiors by adding beautiful rustic farmhouse accents. It’s hands-down one of the most popular home trends today and that’s not expected to change any time soon!
  • Our Beams are Super Easy to Install – Unlike antique solid wood beams and even some lesser-quality faux wood beams, our engineered reclaimed wood beams are hollow, lightweight, and much easier to install in the finishing phase of a project.

Where and How We Source Our Antique Reclaimed Wood

When crafting each of our beams to custom size, we start by sourcing 100-year-old antique longleaf pine featuring attractive old growth characteristics from multiple locations throughout the U.S. We might find it at reclaimed lumber sites that specialize in finding antique wood. We look for aged characteristics that make each heartwood piece special – like fine woodgrain lines & saw marks – and ensure we preserve those characteristics in our hand-milling process.

Hand-hewn antique longleaf pine is actually one of the most common historic wood types used (take out or replace) for reclaimed lumber projects. Its average hundred-year-old aging process adds to its overall stability, strength, and beauty – and this shows in a finished piece.

Our Hand-Hewn Craftsmanship and Refinishing Techniques

For each of our beams, we start the refinishing process by cutting veneers out of the individual reclaimed wood post, which is an ancient lumber-shaping process known as hand-hewing. Our craftsmen have mastered this specialized skill overtime and it’s key to creating a quality antique wood beam. We then laminate the hand-hewn veneers onto high-quality engineered wood. Ultimately, we create a beam that is lightweight, strong, and functional while retaining the old-world look and feel of solid antique wood that so many of us love.

Learn more about our handcrafting process in our video.

Our ability to customize antique wood beams for your project’s exact specifications means we can work with you to incorporate these elements easily into your designs. We engineer 2-sided L-shaped beams perfect for installing in corners, 3-sided U-shaped beams ideal for hiding wiring, and 4-sided box beams that can standalone and replace any hard-to-source solid wood beam installation. We can even create vertical posts!

Showstopping Home Projects Using Our Antique Wood Beams

We love working with our professional services clients – and homeowners alike – to customize architectural antique wood beam installations to the exact look our client is aiming for. Read about our most recent client projects in our blog posts below.

You can also see recent client before-and-after transformations up close in our video.

Ready to Work With Us on Your Project? Call on Us for Help.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to add rustic depth to your space or a homebuilder wanting to add unique elements to your home plans – we’d love to show you how our antique reclaimed wood beams can be your showstopper accent. Shop our engineered reclaimed wood beams or contact us for a customized solution today!