Imagine stepping into a room with architectural reclaimed wood ceiling beams framing the space.

They have instant character you can see, smell, and feel.

You might wonder how the beams even got there.

The uniqueness and originality of them are a window into the homeowner’s – and builder’s – signature style.

With one look around the space, you know a little more about who it belongs to and a lot more about what goes into great room design.

That’s the power of our architectural wood beams.

A custom home designed with our reclaimed beams embodies a character not often seen in homes built with contractor-grade materials.

Yes, our beams are perfect for the rustic-lovers of the world.

But they’re also an integral part of a well-designed space and a smartly built home. This goes for the traditional-, contemporary-, modern-, or minimalist-minded. 

How We Craft the Perfect Architectural Wood Beam

We’ve handcrafted architectural reclaimed wood beams for over two decades and along the way, we’ve fine-tuned our process for sourcing the antique wood for our products. 

How We Find Our Heartwood

We begin by sourcing 100+-year-old #1 reclaimed longleaf pine heartwood, featuring the best old growth characteristics from various locations throughout the U.S. We might find it in factories, warehouses, and old timber sites. We’re meticulous in our search for the perfect pieces. We aim to select pieces that have old growth characteristics we can preserve in our final product.

We’re looking for features like:

  • Attractive wood grain lines
  • Saw marks
  • Knots
  • Mortise
  • Nail holes
  • Cracks
  • Bolt Holes

All of these make an aged piece of longleaf pine special, full of character, and ideal for handcrafting the perfect architectural beam. 

Our Signature Refinishing and Customizing Process

Once we’ve found a beautiful piece of reclaimed wood, we begin refinishing it using an ancient lumber-shaping process called hand-hewing. Our workshop craftsmen are masters of this skill, and they take pride in using it to cut, shape, and finish a quality architectural wood beam.

We laminate our hand-hewn veneers into a high-quality engineered reclaimed wood piece and customize it to the project specs we have at hand. The beauty of our product and our approach is that we’re able to customize our beams to your exact specifications, whether we’re working on a ceiling beam, a door header, a decorative beam accent, or vertical post design project.

Our finished architectural wood beams are lightweight yet strong, remarkably versatile, and beautifully functional.

You can learn more about how we make our signature beams in our video.

Our Architectural Wood Beam Variety

We engineer 2-sided L-shaped beams ideal for corners, 3-sided U-shaped beams that hide wiring, and hollow 4-sided box beams that can replace any difficult solid wood beam installation. And we can craft them up to 25 feet in length without a splice joint.

Custom architectural wood beam sizes are virtually unheard of when it comes to solid wood beams, which are delicate and often difficult to cut and shape while preserving their structural soundness. Our reclaimed architectural wood beams are a sought-after high-quality alternative that builders and homeowners love using.

More Reasons To Choose Our Reclaimed Wood Beams

  • We Meticulously Engineer Them – We spend hours milling, shaping, and fusing each of our wood beams to exact specifications. Each one is unique and filled with character and originality.
  • So Much Versatility – There’s so much you can do with architectural wood beams! Use them as ceiling beams, frame them as door headers, add vertical post accents to create separation in an open space. It’s a blank canvas and we’re proud to partner with you in the design and installation process. “One of the most enjoyable parts of what we do is to see how creative architects, designers, and builders can be with our products,” says our Owner & Founder Richard Ourso.
  • Environmentally Sustainable – By nature, recycled reclaimed wood itself is an eco-conscious material and choice. You and your clients can feel good about adding these sustainable accents to a project.
  • Easy Installation – Solid wood beams and even some lesser-quality faux wood beams are often difficult to handle and install. Our architectural reclaimed wood beams are hollow, lightweight, high-quality, and structurally sound. They’re a great choice for any space and tough enough to notch around during install.
  • High Style, No Matter Your Preference – As Richard says: “We’re not just woodworkers, we’re designers too.” We work regularly with builders and homeowners to revamp and create beautiful interiors using rustic wood beams. They’re remarkable in their ability to set the tone of space whether it’s rustic, modern, minimalist, or traditional. Our beams fit it all.
  • They’re Cost-Effective – When you figure in the added costs of sourcing, matching, shaping, and installing solid architectural wood beams (a difficult process!), it often adds up to more than you budgeted for. Builders we’ve worked with tell us our product is identical in look and beauty of solid wood beams, easier to handle and install, and more stable in the long run.

Learn from Our Recent Architectural Wood Beam Projects

We love working and partnering with builders, designers, and homeowners to incorporate our architectural wood beams into well-loved homes. We are woodworkers and designers – and we aim to make our client’s vision come to life with each project. We’re available anytime for design consultations and product recommendations.

Learn a little about our process and see the beautiful results of these recent projects. 

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You can also browse examples and showstopping photos of our beam installations in our gallery.

Shop Our Architectural Wood Beams and Reach Out For Help!

The design possibilities of our eco-friendly architectural wood beams are endless, whether you’re a builder looking to create an incredible home or a homeowner looking for that unique touch. Shop our beams and other rustic reclaimed wood products, and if you need a little help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to partner with you in your design!