Beam Inspiration: Hollow Beams For Ceilings

Every home has its own unique style, from wall colors and furniture to lighting and flooring. But the true character in a home comes from the details and pieces that set your home above the rest. One place that homeowners might not see as a palette is their ceiling, but in reality your ceiling is the fifth wall of the room and it deserves some interest. Our hollow beams are the perfect addition to any ceiling, whether you’re trying to emphasize a tall lofted ceiling or give lower ceilings extra character.

Beam Inspiration Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

The Olde Mill’s hollow beams offer many unique advantages to your home:

  1. Our customizable hollow beams can be sized to fit any ceiling’s dimensions.
  2. Real reclaimed longleaf pine materials can bring better air quality and reduced carbon emissions into your space.
  3. The lightweight beam pieces don’t require any heavy machinery to install, making these simple additions to your ceiling.
  4. Our handcrafted products are long-lasting American-made accessories that you’ll be proud to show off to guests.  

Which Ceilings Will Hollow Beams Complement?

All of them! Hollow beams are an easy fix to any empty ceiling. They will add to any home’s style including modern, rustic, craftsman or even contemporary designs.

Above is just one example of how you can spruce up your ceiling by bringing in hollow beams. From kitchens and living rooms to dining rooms and master bedrooms, beams create a new dimension of interest for any room.

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