Case Study: Parallel Lines and Angles

In this case study, we examine a beautiful home remodel in Baton Rouge. The finished project looks magnificent, uses space efficiently and is a great illustration of how our beams, posts, and door headers are perfect for such applications. 

This is what the space planning team at Ourso Designs said about the project:

“The main goal of this remodel was to go from closed off and dark to open and bright. First off, the angled island made navigating the kitchen difficult, so we reconfigured the island to be parallel to the rest of the kitchen. To better utilize this space, we modified it to include more storage.

We added a bar nook with a wine cooler and ice machine which will be great features to have when the clients entertain guests in their new home. For the rest of the spaces, we were able to remove the dividing walls to create a more open floor plan.

In order to keep the visual separation in the kitchen, living, and dining spaces, we framed the different areas with Olde Mill beams, posts, and door headers. The post and beam design was also added to the breakfast area and keeping room to maintain a seamless flow throughout the space.

We maintained neutrals and warmer flooring throughout the home, which complimented the wooden elements throughout beautifully. By replacing the dividing walls with the post and beam design and reconfiguring the kitchen we were able to give the clients exactly what they wanted- an open and bright home to enjoy for many years.”

We love the outcome of this collaboration. Our favorite part, of course, is the way the beams and posts came together to maintain a sense of separation between the rooms. We also think they serve a somewhat more subtle purpose in highlighting the angles and parallel lines of the home. From a visual standpoint, they frame the architectural structure of the home while enhancing that feeling of rustic warmth.

  • Space Planning: Richard Ourso and Logan Wheeler Ramirez (Ourso Designs)
  • Builder/Remodeler: Juan Gueringer
  • Designer/Decorator: Emery Vallet
  • Photographer: Collin Richie Photography