Ceiling Beams

Made from Real, Reclaimed Wood by The Olde Mill

There’s nothing quite like the rustic, woodsy beauty of handcrafted wood ceiling beams intricately arranged to add character and personality to a space.

Wood ceiling beams are often used to:

  • Add rustic detail to your ceiling by creating the look of a coffered ceiling, a vaulted ceiling, a tray ceiling, or a cathedral ceiling with or without trusses
  • Frame entryways between rooms to create the illusion of separation in an open concept space with a header only or a header with posts
  • Attractively frame doorways when they are installed as door headers
  • Add a rustic transitional touch where ceilings meet walls

Lots of people love the idea of using solid wood beams. After all, they’re real solid wood, they’re eco-friendly, and they have an authentic feel you can feel good about.

What many people don’t often realize, however, is how difficult it is to find a quality solid wood beam, match two or more, handle the beams delicately, and install them easily.

These are the problems we’ve heard from many builders and homeowners and ones we’ve experienced ourselves. So we set out to solve them and created our hollow, engineered wood ceiling beams.

Keep reading to learn more about our antique reclaimed wood ceiling beams.

Why Choose Our Ceiling Beams

Our engineered reclaimed wood ceiling beams are box-style and hollow, which means they’re lighter in weight, easier to handle, and easier to install than solid wood beams. Their hollow design means you can use them to disguise unsightly wires and conduit in your space.

The best part is it’s extremely difficult to tell the difference between our engineered beams and solid wood beams when you walk into a room. In fact, our beams are even MORE consistent in appearance over solid beams, which only adds to the beauty of your project.

How We Make Our Ceiling Beams

We’ve honed and perfected our wood sourcing process into one we adore doing and one that ensures you receive beautifully handcrafted beams that add uniqueness to your space.

We scour old job sites and supply yards searching for the ideal pieces of antique longleaf pine that can be shaped and customized to fit your exact specs.

We recycle each beam and mill it by hand so that you see only eco-friendly reclaimed wood on the outside and have stable, engineered support underneath.

Think of the beauty of engineered flooring and how far it’s come in quality over the years. We handcraft and hand-hew our beams in that same image.

Like engineered flooring, choosing engineered reclaimed wood ceiling beams is a choice you can feel good about.

Our Beams are Ready to Customize

Solid wood ceiling beams are notoriously difficult to shape and customize. It’s also incredibly difficult to find two or more beams that match – and that are free of structurally degrading imperfections like warping and splitting. It’s also difficult to find a single beam measuring as long as 25 feet without a splice.

Our ceiling beams solve all those issues.

We offer 2-sided, 3-sided, and 4-sided ceiling beams in lengths of up to 25 feet and widths up to 14 inches without a splice. Any width and length can be created by bookmatching veneers.

We deliver these antique beauties to you ready to stain in a color you want to complement your home.

Ease of Installation

The builders and homeowners we serve rave about how easy it is to install our beams. We’ve worked hard to mold it into a seamless process. You can see it for yourself in the video below.

Plus, we’re always on-hand to help you or your builder conceptualize the design of a ceiling beam project, determine its specifications, recommend products, and offer free design service. All you have to do is call us!

Ceiling Beam Eye Candy

We love seeing all the ways our builders and designers are using our ceiling beams.

Browse our recent client stories below for inspiration for your home or your next home build.

Shop Our Beams of All Sizes and Call Us to Discuss Your Project!

At The Olde Mill, we’re not just woodworkers, we’re designers too. Our lead designer has over 40 years of experience in this industry. If you like the look of antique reclaimed wood ceiling beams – and want to add them to your home – we’d love to help you with the details! You can request a sample or contact us to discuss your project!