Meet Ourso Designs, Our Full-Service Architectural Planning and Interior Design Service

The Olde Mill is more than just a business. It’s a passion.

Our founder, Richard Ourso, loves designing homes and commercial spaces to feature solid wood beams. But for years, Richard struggled to find enough consistent solid wood beams and carpenters knowledgeable enough to install them properly.

His research into recycling and engineered wood is ultimately how The Olde Mill was created.

And while we love creating reclaimed wood products, designing spaces is really our first love.

That’s what we do at Ourso Designs – a full-service architectural planning and interior design company.

Our mission is to make your home work for your life.

We create home interiors that are both functional and beautiful — and that make your busy life easier. We reimagine your space, taking into account floor plans, traffic flow, and best use of the room. And we help you find decor, fixtures, and materials that infuse your sense of style into your home.

We work with architects, home builders, and other fellow designers — while partnering closely with you — to make your vision of the perfect home come to life.

Our Design Process

Our 3-step design process makes it super simple to reimagine your space. We know because we’ve used it (and streamlined it) for years!


Step 1: We Help You Visualize and Digitize Your Dream Room

We digitize your existing floor plan to accurate dimensions, including walls, fixtures, plumbing, and electrical to build a foundation for a new and improved functional design.

Step 2: We’ll Experiment with the Design Possibilities

We then experiment with adjustments to your floor plan and layout, changing up elevations, perspectives, plumbing, and electrical systems, for example, to create a livable room for your family. We’ll work closely with you to make changes and adjustments until we’ve reached a winning design plan you’re happy with.

Step 3: We’ll Help You Shop for All the Fun Stuff

We’re home decor-lovers at heart…not very surprising, right?…and we bring our passion into the fun part – shopping! We’ll help you compare and choose countertops, backsplash, cabinetry, lighting fixtures, decorative hardware, plumbing, paint colors, and finishes. We’ve got a deep working knowledge of products, trends, styles, and materials. And through our relationships with local suppliers, we can help you get the best quality at the best price.

We also LOVE incorporating our engineered reclaimed wood products into your design —  if you love them as much as we do. (We’re guessing you do since you’re already here!)

Our In-Depth Consultation Process

Partnering with you to create a sharply designed, functional space you can really live in is what we do. Here’s how we delve deeper into the design process and become your new best friend when it comes to reimagining your space!

  • Home Visit – We meet with you to evaluate your space and discuss your style and needs. We’ll also take measurements and provide you with an estimate of our work.
  • Digital Documentation – We’ll digitally map your space and ensure the new design we create aligns exactly with existing walls and fixtures you want to keep.
  • Floor Plan Creation – We’ll create several floor plans for you to review and evaluate, getting a feel for your likes and dislikes, what to keep, and what to adjust.
  • Create Detailed Plans – Armed with your notes and final layout selection, we’ll create elevation and perspective plans necessary to get started on your renovation.
  • Design Presentation – We’ll introduce you to your new (perfect!) space in 3D and discuss final adjustments before we draw up official building plans.
  • Plan Plotting and Finalization – From final floor plans and 3D perspectives to plumbing and electrical – we’ll make final adjustments to your design and ready it for renovation and your contractors.
  • Product Selection and Recommendations – Our favorite part! Let’s shop for materials, fixtures, finishes, and paint (and everything in between!). We know these products inside and out, and we maintain relationships with local manufacturers and vendors who offer them at a great price.

Meet Our Talented Design Team

Richard Ourso

You already know Richard. He’s our pioneering entrepreneur with decades of skilled woodworking and successful craftsmanship experience as well as numerous certifications in kitchen, bath, and home design from heralded industry associations. His eye for design, flow, and a well-made product is unmatched!

Logan Wheeler Ramirez

Logan is our talented interior designer and graphic artist with the formal training to back it up. She loves mixing modern design elements with historical influences and a sophisticated use of raw materials like our reclaimed engineered wood elements. She also loves to work with you to hone in on your design personality and needs for your home.

Madeline Van Pelt

Madeline is our design intern ninja who is a master at helping us create floor plans, style photoshoots, and keep the project flowing all the way through to the finish line.

Our Most Recent Design Projects

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Learn More About Ourso Designs

We’ll never stop creating our exclusive and expertly crafted reclaimed engineered wood products. They’re our babies. We’re also space planners and designers too and we’d love to help you reimagine your home the way it should be.

If you’re interested in our design services, don’t hesitate to contact us.