DIY Ceiling Beams

Our ceiling beams will save you money, and are just about the easiest way to get real antique wood beams into your house. Our ceiling beams walk many fine lines. They are artificial beams, hollow and lightweight, but we make them out of real antique wood. They are technically aesthetic pieces, but they have all the character of a used, antique piece of wood.

do it yourself, DIY, ceiling beams

you can see the runner boards, pre-install , right above the TV

Save Time, Effort, and Money

We want to talk about how our ceiling beams fit into DIY (do it yourself) culture. We are big fans of DIY: if we think we can fix our car, we’ll pop the hood before we take it to the mechanic; we’ll build a table before we buy one; we’ll paint the rooms in our houses and apartments on the weekend.

Our hollow box beams allow homeowners to install their own rustic beams, with help from just a friend or two. When you find yourself thinking about remodeling, there are few things that make as much of a statement as ceiling beams spanning the length of your kitchen, living room or bedroom. Ceilings beams are a bold and beautiful addition to any room. And our hollow ceiling beams are about the easiest way to get that look. For a person who is willing to put in the work themselves, they are a do it yourself ceiling beams solution.

Do It Yourself Ceiling Beams

When you are remodeling your home, it can be intimidating to think about ceiling beams. You will have to add structural support, you have to hire a team of builders, or rent a forklift or even a crane. You, or your builder, will have to cut through the drywall in your walls and build framing to support the beams. You are skipping days of work by using our hollow beams, which can be installed in a fraction of the time.

We love building beams for new houses too, but the area where they really shine is adding them to an existing structure, a structure that doesn’t need the support, but could benefit from the beauty of wooden beams. Our beams can be installed with 2 or 3 people, and all you need is a few runner boards to attach the beam to your ceiling. They are almost as easy as foam or rubber faux beams, but have all the life and character of real wood.

Of course,  if you have your builder or remodeler install our beams in your home, they, and you, will save on days of labor being cut out. But these are easy enough to install that we have no trouble calling them DIY ceiling beams.

Another benefit of our beams is, since the insides of them are made out of plywood, they will never bend or warp like a solid beam might.

do it yourself ceiling beams

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