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The Durability of Wooden Hollow Beams

There are few construction materials as reliable and as easy to work with as wood. Lumber may not be completely impervious to decay and damages, but it’s reliable and lightweight.

Wood is Long-Lasting

Besides, it has been around for literally thousands of years. The Horyu-ji temple, one of the oldest buildings in the world, is made of wood and dates all the way back to the eighth century! Luckily your house doesn’t have to last quite that long. But it does have to last through the wear and tear of everyday life.

Throughout a home’s life, it’s bound to go through a lot of different events:

  • Furniture rearranging: you could accidentally scrape a table against a wall or worse
  • Kids: who knows what kind of damage they could do to the walls or furniture
  • Entertaining: guests could accidentally spill or knock something over

Life happens and there’s no way to stop a lot of these events from occurring. But what you can do is try and anticipate them by relying on a material that is as durable as wood. Expect those dents and scrapes because they are sure to come in one fashion or another. Wood is the best way to hide these signs of distress in plain sight. In fact, many people like buying wood that is already distressed; it’s actually a popular design style!

Real Wooden Hollow Beams, Not Fake

Unfortunately, full-weight wood beams are expensive and difficult to install, which causes a lot of people to turn to poorly made fake wooden beams. The issue with this is that the fake wooden beams may end up looking worn and distressed in a way that could look poor and cheap. If these fake beams are chipped or dented you’d be able to see the white or tan color of the foam.

Nothing can replace real wood in its durability and aesthetic. The downside is, of course, its weight and difficulty to cut and maneuver. This is where hollow wooden beams come in handy. If the beams are hollow, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Wrap the wood around door frames
  • Attach the lightweight beams to the ceiling
  • Use for floating shelves and mantels

Because you cut out so much of the weight of the beams by making them hollow, you can lift them up into ceilings or walls without worrying about causing structural damage to the house.

By investing in real wooden hollow beams, you get the durability and aesthetics of real wood, but the flexibility and ease-of-use of fabricated beams.

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