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Using Reclaimed Beams as End Tables

In keeping with our aim to reduce as much waste as possible, our end tables are constructed from the drop-off of solid beams that would otherwise go to waste.

Beam End Tables

Often times the reclaimed beams we acquire contain large pieces of metal inherent to the beam’s original construction and purpose. These metal piece make sections of the beam unfit to be sawed on our mill, and therefore perfect to be turned into end tables. They also add the distinct and unique character that one can only find in reclaimed materials

Reclaimed Wooden Beams, End Tables

After drop off pieces are sanded to smooth out roughness and worked over with an angle grinder to ehnace texture. Hairpin legs are attached to give our tables a mid-century modern touch that compliments the rustic appeal of reclaimed pine quite nicely.

Reclaimed Wooden Beams, End Tables

Read more about the history of hairpin legs here: