Reclaimed wood

Make Your Next Client Project Pop with Reclaimed Wood Mantels

It seems like these days in home design, everybody is after that cozy, rustic feel – and not just during Fall and Winter.

Our collective interest may have been tipped off by Chip and Joanna Gaines’ influence on “Fixer Upper” and other similar HGTV shows that highlight a passion for farmhouse decor. It might have been the subsequent Pinterest hobby many of us ran with in creating “farmhouse” board after board of rustic ideas for every room in our homes. Or it could have been our love of “antiquing” and flea market digging combined with our growing desire to recycle the old into the new.

However it came to be, the rustic farmhouse look is here to stay – and we’ve got the perfect way for you to easily incorporate it into your next home renovation, interior design, or build project.

Say hello to our reclaimed wood beam mantels.

Beautiful, Lightweight, Easy to Install

When you think of a reclaimed wood mantel, the first thing that comes to mind is probably how staggering the weight is.

Solid wood mantels are notoriously difficult to handle and install. They’re also cumbersome to scour salvage yards to find a piece of reclaimed wood with attractive enough grain, ideal shape, and that sought-after aged look your client wants.

We love rustic solid wood elements when they look like they should. We don’t love the headaches that come along with them.

At The Olde Mill, our reclaimed engineered wood beam mantels are handcrafted out of salvaged longleaf pine sourced from old barns, antique buildings, old timber sites, and more. We re-mill the wood and engineer it into solid yet hollow mantels that are lighter in weight and easier to install. We try to maintain the aged look of the pine – grain, imperfections, and all – to create a beautiful focal piece you and your clients would never know was faux.

Design Versatility and Convenience in Storage

Your clients can do a lot with our mantels when they’re added to various rooms of their home or even in some businesses. Our mantels also function as sturdy shelving that easily supports décor such as picture frames, art, vases, holiday décor, candles, glassware, and more. We also offer an exclusive and smart, lockable reclaimed wood drawer mantel that has a rolling hidden storage drawer for valuables and other items.

The Olde Mill’s Builder & Trade Partner Program

When you’re embarking on your next design project, whether it’s a décor update to a client’s living space, a renovation, a new home build, or another project – consider how our engineered reclaimed wood could really make it shine. Take a browse break through our gallery for inspiration or browse our Pinterest board for ideas.

We offer a free design consultation service leveraging our 40+ years of design experience and packages for builders and contractors. We want to become part of YOUR build or design team, not just your inventory.

Contact us anytime to find out more about our special programs for designers and builders.