Modern Design Meets Rustic Charm in Wood Ceiling Beams

As strange as it sounds, a lot of things we classify as “modern” are sometimes actually quite old. It may sound completely backwards, but take fashion as an example. Just in the past decade we’ve seen a lot of fashion trends circle back in popularity. Of course they aren’t the exact same fashion styles, but they’re inspired by the past, and the end result is a modern spin on a classic, beloved fashion trend. The same goes for interior design. From your flooring and wall treatments to your lighting and ceilings, there are many ways to bring your own style into your space. The Olde Mill knows that adding structures such as wood ceiling beams to your home’s features can help to accomplish just that.

So what is “Rustic” Design?

Often the most beautiful modern styled rooms are designed using classic, rustic, and vintage elements. In many award-winning rooms you’ll see common rustic elements that emphasize nature such as:

  • Natural textures like cotton, hemp, or linen
  • Earthy tones in colors and patterns
  • Leather, suede, or animal hides
  • Wrought iron, pewter, or stressed metals
  • Anything wood–floors, furniture, and beams
  • Stone or concrete

All of these elements convey the feeling of “handcrafted” and “homespun” authenticity that is so popular in modern design. Rather than looking for “expensive” or “heavy” materials like marble or porcelain, designers are leaning towards materials that are versatile and neutral. Often what people are looking for are ways to make the room brighter and more open. Big windows and tall ceilings can give the room an entirely different feel and aesthetic.

Wood Ceiling Beams are a Key Feature

One of the simplest ways to accomplish this modern/rustic trend is by adding reclaimed wood ceiling beams to your home. Although it might look complicated, because it gives the illusion of creating an entirely different ceiling style, it really is just as simple as adding an extra piece of furniture. This can be accomplished by using hollow box beams that can easily be fit, cut, and installed to match your ceiling’s measurements. Additionally, wood ceiling beams show your guests that the room was meant to be designed in a rustic, modern style, offering more credibility than a room with only rustic-styled furniture.

Wood ceiling beams are the perfect rustic element to add to your home. It gives the room an eclectic look that encompasses clean, modern spaces, with a natural and handcrafted purity. It’s ironic that something that looks rustic, time-worn, and distressed can be considered “modern” design. But there’s something to be said for looking into the past and appreciating elements that possess character and culture.’

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