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Shop our collection of authentic, reclaimed floating wood shelves. Each one is designed “box-style” so they are lightweight & easy to install.

Our wood products are hand-crafted from reclaimed longleaf pine. We cut those beams & engineer them for maximum stability combining form & function.

Our floating shelves can hang on any wall in any layout or combination you want without having to use heavy brackets or drill giant holes in your walls. The custom brackets for our shelves can hold up to 200 lbs each!

And, if you’re still not sure if our engineered reclaimed wood shelves are right for you, request a free sample and we’ll ship one to you for FREE!

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What type of wood do you use?
We use Reclaimed Antique Long Leaf Pine for its beauty, strength and durability. Trees grow 80-120 feet tall and take 100 – 150 years to reach maturity. This allows us to cut large slabs and avoid splices.
What does Reclaimed mean?
Reclaimed wood is wood that has already served a purpose in its previous life. Each piece has its own unique history. We reclaim this historic wood for use in today’s finest homes.
How do I choose the face height of my mantel or shelves?
Mantels and Floating Shelf Face Height can be any size from 2.5” – 14”. Our most popular sizes are listed for sale in our shop. Thinner faces are normally used for Modern / Contemporary Designs. Thicker faces are normally used for Traditional / Rustic Designs. Transitional Designs can very to personal taste.
How do I choose the depth of my mantel or shelves?
Mantels and Floating Shelf depths can range from 4”- 14”. Think about what you plan to display on the shelf. Dishes, Towels, Books, Collectibles, Family photos, the possibilities are endless. If is at the end of a room, the depth can be full depth. If the shelf is around traffic flow, it would be advised to shallow the depth. If the mantel is viewed form the side of the mantel, it may look odd if it is too deep. If you are going to hang the TV right over the shelf, a shallow shelf would be advised.
How do I choose the length of my mantel?
Measure from wall to wall where you are mounting your mantel. Most commonly 3” to 4” on each side of the mantel is left open. However there is no wrong way! Mantels can run end to end or even wrap around your fireplace Most Fireplaces are in an enclosure that protrudes into the room. The enclosure is normally 12”-24” wider on both sides of the firebox. If it a small enclosure, the mantel will run with in a 1” or 2” from the end. Sometimes the shelf will run past the enclosure, but not often. Most stock lengths will work. If the firebox is on a flush wall, 12” - 18” beyond both sides of the firebox. Height above Firebox. Check your local building codes
How high should I mount my shelving or mantel?
I recommend the top of the mantel shelf be between 58”-60” off the floor. Some mantels you will see installed as low as 54” and as high as 66” off the floor. Homes with taller ceiling heights such as 11’-12’ or more would commonly mount the shelf higher.
Do you offer other finishes?
All of our products are shipped in the natural state. Our products are made with reclaimed wood that has beautiful color, grain consistence and nice character with knots, nail holes, bolt holes, cracks & etc. so it can be left with no finish at all. Our products also look great finished. Some common finish options are Stains, Paints, Urethanes and Waxes. Dark stains such as Espresso or Walnut will provide a solid finish. Medium stains such as Antique Brown or Oak will darken our products while highlighting the natural grain and markings. Light finishes will slightly brighten up our products without changing the natural coloring.
Can I use your products outdoors?
Our products are engineered but still can be use outside as long as it is protected from direct rain and sun. Outdoor Kitchens and Living Spaces are a perfect application.
Do your mantels and shelves come with mounting hardware?
Anything less than 4 inches usually comes with mounting brackets; our shelving comes with them.
How do I install shelving?
Prepare an installation video similar to the mantel installation video
How do I install mantels?


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