Whether you’re renovating your home or business or in the process of a new construction project, there’s nothing that adds rustic charm and aesthetic appeal to your space like reclaimed wood beams.


With the timeless popularity of the rustic and farmhouse styles for homes and businesses alike, many people just like you choose our reclaimed wood box beams because reclaimed solid wood beams are too difficult to find and install. Our engineered reclaimed wood box beams are made of reclaimed lumber and old growth wood just like solid wood beams, but offer the added benefit of having space to run and hide wires and conduit for entertainment systems in living rooms, kitchen appliances, or other indoor appliances and electronics.

The Beauty of Reclaimed Wood Patina

One of the aspects of reclaimed lumber and reclaimed barn wood that you may love so much is its patina. As wood ages and becomes heavily weathered, its coloring begins to change, as does its composition. As a result, the reclaimed wood begins to reveal a variety of unique characteristics that makes each one of our reclaimed wood box beams one-of-a-kind. Some of the characteristics that you’ll see as old growth wood ages and patinas include:

  • Saw marks
  • Evidence of past insect activity
  • Spalting
  • Nail holes
  • Unevenness in the thickness of the board
  • Raised wood grain

About Our Reclaimed Wood Beams

Our reclaimed wood box beams are made of reclaimed longleaf pine. This softwood provides plenty of rustic charm to your space. We scour the country for old growth longleaf pine to create our reclaimed wood box beams, including looking for:

  • Old barns
  • Reclaimed barn wood
  • Reclaimed barn beams
  • Barn wood
  • Barn wood beams
  • Barn board
  • Reclaimed lumber sites
  • Wood paneling in antique buildings

Our reclaimed wood beams can be used anywhere in your home or office. Many of our clients purchase our box beams to use as a transition piece in their living rooms, to accent doorways or other

entryways, or to use as ceiling beams in their living rooms or kitchens.

To make your space all the more special, we also offer reclaimed wood fireplace mantels.

What Do Our Rustic Reclaimed Wood Box Beams Look Like?

We offer 2-sided, 3-sided, and 4-sided reclaimed wood box beams. While they are all engineered the same for easy installation, the reclaimed softwood is finished and milled to your unique specifications. Each box beam we sell can be customized to look exactly like you want it to. There are a variety of options to add whatever architectural details you desire for your home or office. Many of our clients choose to have their box beams milled and finished to achieve these types of popular looks:

  • Antique hand hewn beams
  • Sawn reclaimed wood beams
  • Reclaimed wood beams with mortise
  • Rough sawn beams
  • Hand hewn barn beams
  • Beams with distinguishable saw marks

You can see examples of past installations of our softwood box beams in our online showroom gallery.

Shop Our Reclaim Wood Box Beams

Imagine the possibilities that our reclaimed wood box beams can offer your space and the rustic charm they can bring for you to enjoy every day. Shop our products, and contact us to discuss how you want your reclaimed wood beams specially finished to give you the exact look you desire.