If you love the look of reclaimed barn wood, we have the perfect, simple home-makeover idea. Choose to install one of our one-of-a-kind floating shelf mantels in your space, including reclaimed wood fireplace mantels that are box beams. Each of our barn beam mantels that can be installed with or without corbels are made from longleaf pine softwood.

Our timber mantels are custom cut to your unique specifications and quickly become a focal point for your living room or other space where you have it installed. Best yet, they’re hollow on the inside, which makes our engineered solid wood mantels easier for you to install.

Reclaimed Wood Mantels

About Our Fireplace Mantel and Mantel Shelf Options

Finding solid wood mantels that are rough sawn, hand-hewn, or barn wood mantels can be difficult, not to mention troublesome to install. That’s why we create faux solid wood mantels made of antique reclaimed longleaf pine. Our floating mantels make the perfect floating shelf or rustic fireplace mantel for your living room, den, bedroom, or study, and are uniquely engineered to be easy to install. We also offer an exclusive drawer floating shelf mantel, so you can secretly store your valuables out of sight in a hiding place that others would never expect to look inside.

The Beauty of Patina in Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantels

One of the many reasons our clients choose reclaimed timber as the piece of wood they want for their beam fireplace mantels or for a floating mantel shelf lies in reclaimed timber patinas. This means the wood changes color as it ages and is weathered. This beautiful process reveals a variety of unique features to your reclaimed wood fireplace mantel shelf or floating shelf, including:

  • Mortise
  • Nail holes
  • Signs of past insect activity
  • Raised wood grain

How We Source Our Floating Shelf and Fireplace Mantels

Our team searches the country to find the perfect piece of wood and reclaimed timber for your wood mantel. We source our reclaimed timber from a variety of sites, including:

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Pallets
  • Old timber sites

What Our Wood Shelf and Wood Mantel Options Look Like

While they are engineered box beams that are hollow inside, each fireplace mantel and wood shelf we create is milled and finished to your one-of-a-kind instructions to give you the unique look you want for your home. Many of our clients request their finished timber mantels to be:

  • Hand hewn
  • Hand hewn beams
  • Rustic sawn timber mantels
  • Distressed wood mantels
  • And more

If you’re looking for wood mantel ideas for either a floating shelf or a reclaimed wood fireplace mantel, look at our online showroom gallery of past installations for inspiration. Trust us, you won’t find a more beautiful box beam floating shelf or reclaimed timber fireplace mantles by searching on Google!

Give Your Space the Rustic Focal Point it Deserves

Rustic features such as a barn wood mantel shelf, hand-hewn floating shelf, or reclaimed wood fireplace mantel offer a timeless look that will create an appealing focal point in your space for generations to come. If you’re looking for a unique, yet simple way to update your space and give it some rustic charm, shop our wood mantel and corbel options today. Then, contact us once you’ve selected the perfect product for your home so you can give us your design finishing specifications.