The Aucoin Home: A Rustic Transitional Beauty

Pictured: The Olde Mill Mantels, Shelves, & Custom Hood Range

Brian Aucoin, Owner of Meridian Homes LLC, knows a thing or two about custom homebuilding.

For 17 years, he’s helped homeowners conceptualize, design, and build their forever Homes – customized to the nines – in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas.

Recently, he wrapped up construction on the home of the ‘best client he has ever worked with.’

“It was me,” he quips.

We’ve collaborated with Brian for years now to add beautifully handcrafted Reclaimed Wood touches to his projects.

We helped him do the same for his newest and most VIP project.

Read on to see how we helped Brian incorporate unique, one-of-a-kind floating shelves, hollow beams, and mantels throughout his family’s new Baton Rouge home.

Favors Rustic Touches in his Transitional Design Approach

Brian’s approach to home design is rooted in the transitional method – infusing older traditional elements with newer contemporary touches to create a well-rounded & undeniably inviting interior.

“In my homes, I can always find room to bring a little something older amid the newer,” he says. “I love using reclaimed wood ceiling beams, mantels, and floating shelves as that older yet modern touch in interiors.

“With this particular project, it was really nice to have my home be my canvas,” he adds.

And you might consider our reclaimed wood products as his artist tools.

Working with Richard on Design and Product Selection

Brian called on our Founder, Lead Designer & Woodworker Richard Ourso – and colleague he’s known for years through the Homebuilders Association of Greater Baton Rouge – for product recommendations and his design eye.

Richard visited Brian’s home, took measurements, and talked over ideas.

“Richard has immense design knowledge, so it really helped to his perspective on what worked and what wouldn’t,” Brian says.

The project primarily called for an intricate installation of floating shelves and mantels – both indoors and out – that add old world beauty to modern rooms that have a touch of art deco.

The mantel & rustic reclaimed wood surrounding the fireplace proved to be the most challenging installation, but was executed beautifully.

The mammoth custom range hood with reclaimed wood frame is among Brian’s favorite additions.

The project’s finished result – capped off by Brian’s choice of chocolate dark wood stain for each piece – is truly one of a kind.

Ooh and ahhhh’ over the complete project portfolio gallery here!

We loved the opportunity to create such a special interior space for one our most valued Baton Rouge homebuilders.

We can’t wait until our next collaboration.

Looking for a Unique Upgrade That Will Make Your Next Project Swoon-Worthy?

If you’re a homebuilder, we’d LOVE to work with you to add our one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood elements to your next project. In fact, our products may just become your secret ingredients to your next product ‘win.’ Plus, we offer interior design services to help you create the space you always dreamed about. Contact us anytime and request a free sample!