Get answers to our most frequently asked questions

How thick is the material?

The final thickness of our slab material is 13/16”, 9/16” being plywood, with a ¼” veneer laminate.

What is the maximum length of a beam?

The maximum length is approximately 24 feet before a splice is necessary.

Max width & height?

The maximum width and height of a beam is approximately 16 inches before a splice is necessary.

Do we offer finishes?

Our beams are delivered without a finish, as they are ready to install in their naturally unfinished state. However, a finish can be applied by the customer if so desired.

Why not other material besides pine?

While we occasionally use fir, pine is our wood of choice because it is readily available in extreme lengths, preventing us from having to create splices when beams in excess of 20 feet are desired.

Are the beams structural?

No, they are not load-bearing.

Can they be used outside?

Only if they are installed in a covered area, as our beams are not intended to be exposed directly to the elements.

Turnaround time?

Approximately 4-6 weeks, depending on the size of your order.