Shipping is not included in the price of the product.

Receiving your shipment:
Please inspect your shipment immediately, carefully and thoroughly BEFORE signing for the delivery. You, or an adult whom you have authorized to inspect the shipment in your absence, must sign for, or reject the shipment. In the unlikely event that your shipment is damaged, read and follow the directions in If Your Shipment Is Damaged carefully and fully
If your Shipment is Damaged:
If your shipment arrives damaged, you must reject the shipment, or the part that is damaged, and have the driver note the damage on the delivery receipt. Then contact us at +(225) 291-8588 and we will reissue replacements immediately.
If you find damage to your shipment, but choose to accept it anyway, you must have the driver note on the delivery receipt that the shipment is damaged and the driver must also sign the receipt.