Floating Mantels

Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling your home, or moving into a rental space featuring a fireplace in the living room, den, bedroom, or outdoor living area — you should consider adding a floating mantel. Even if you don’t have a fireplace, floating mantels are trendy features that can makeover almost any living space.

Floating mantels are among the hottest new trends in home design and they exude the elegant yet down-to-earth farmhouse style many homeowners are after these days. Many people install a hanging floating mantel as a simple weekend DIY project. Do you have an existing brick fireplace? No problem. Even the greenest DIY warrior can hang a floating mantel. This project will officially convert you into an experienced DIY’er! So get your tools ready and let’s get started.

What is a Floating Mantel?

As the name suggests, a floating mantel is a fireplace mantel that appears to be floating on your wall, usually above a fireplace. Floating wood mantels are typically hung at a height of 54 in. to 64 in. You can install a floating mantel over any type of fireplace, including brick fireplaces, when you use the proper masonry tools.

The Olde Mill Floating Mantel Home Decor Products

Here at The Olde Mill, we make handcrafted, reclaimed architectural beams, mantels, floating shelves, door headers, posts, corbels, and custom wood products. Our floating mantels are among our most popular sellers and for good reason. These beautiful architectural elements are constructed with reclaimed wood and look great in a variety of living spaces.

Our floating fireplace mantels are:

  • Hollow on the inside, making them lightweight and easier to hang than solid wood mantels.
  • Built to accommodate electrical outlets, speakers, and other logistics directly on mantel for your convenience and for flexibility in home decor.
  • Made of reclaimed wood and have wood end caps. This gives our floating mantels the appearance of solid wood, but lightweight benefits.
  • Available in unlimited sizes since they’re handcrafted and custom-built. They’ll give you the specific look you want for your space.
  • Warm and rustic, adding a farmhouse-style flair to your living room, den, dining room, outdoor living space, or bedroom.
  • Handcrafted from reclaimed longleaf pine that was originally milled more than 100 years ago.
  • Proudly made in the USA in our reclaimed wood shop in Louisiana

What is the Proper Height for a Floating Mantel?

We suggest installing your floating fireplace mantle at the standard height of 58 in. to 60 in. above the floor. However, the height at which you install it is entirely up to you and dependent upon the size limits and design of your space.

How Do You Hang a Floating Mantel Over Your Fireplace?

Because our floating mantels are hollow, they’re much easier to install than solid wood mantels.

The tools necessary for installing our floating fireplace mantels include:

  • an electric drill with a reverse switch
  • a 2×4
  • a stud finder
  • a tape measure
  • a pencil
  • drywall screws
  • If you’re drilling into a brick fireplace (masonry), we recommend using Tapcon screw anchors.

Follow these steps to install your floating mantel:

  1. First, use your tape measure to find the center of your fireplace or wall. Once you’ve located it, mark the center with your pencil.
  2. Next, you’ll need to use your tape measure and pencil to locate and mark your desired height for the floating mantel. We recommend you hang your mantel between 54” to 64” above your floor. The exact height for the mantel is dependent on your ceiling height. If you need help, contact us for recommendations.
  3. Locate studs using your stud finder. We recommend a StudBuddy stud finder.
  4. Next, you want to use a wood bit to pre-drill the necessary holes in your 2×4.
  5. Then, locate the 2×4 stud and use 3-in. drywall screws to fasten to the studs. If you’re hanging your floating mantel over a brick fireplace, use a masonry bit to drill through the holes you pre-drilled into your 2×4 to create reference holes. Remove the 2×4 and drill the brick to proper depth. Attach your 2×4 to the brick with the Tapcon screws.
  6. To place the floating mantel, use your tape measure to find its center and mark it with your pencil. Then, pre-drill the top of the mantel for the mounting screws.
  7. After you’ve completed these installation steps, you can use your drill to install the screws in your floating mantel. Finally, place your floating mantel over the 2×4, line center points, and screw the screws in the mantel into the 2×4.

Remember, if you need assistance – even if you’re proud DIY’er – give us a call for help anytime!

Check Out Our Floating Mantel Installation Video for Additional Guidance

Decorating Your Floating Mantel

Many people love to accessorize their fireplace mantles with home decor such as photo frames, plants, vases, crystals, vinyl records, books, and the list goes on! Choose almost any type of home decor or style trend to decorate your wood mantel, including heavier items like televisions and electronics. This is where the electrical outlet comes in handy.

Want more tips on mantel home decor? Check out the inspiration section of our blog!

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