The Olde Mill Meets Commercial Application



Danny Brown, Project Manager with McMath Construction, reached out to us about an exciting project he had coming up where he thought our beams would work beautifully. We had worked with McMath previously on the residential end, but this was our first time working with them on a commercial project.

The Building

This commercial Louisiana office is a beautiful three-story building that is the perfect combination of modern industrial elements and a traditional commercial office.

The main design goal in this project was to create an environment to draw the best of the best, young and experienced engineers alike from around the globe. This was done by creating a modern building with design details of an old building.

Our Role

The building was engineered with vertical and horizontal metal I-beams. Our beams and posts were primarily used in this project to wrap these structural pieces in an effort to make it look like this building was built using old wood timbers.

From offices to the main lobby to lunchrooms, our products were used to elevate each space in a different way. They added such great details to this new building making it look like it has been around for years.  

Overall, we are thrilled with this collaboration! McMath Construction was such a great client to collaborate with.

“It is so enlightening to see builders take a product like ours to another level of creativity,” Richard explains.


Your Challenge!

Now we issue a challenge to our audience and builders alike…How could you use The Olde Mill’s products to elevate your projects to the next level? 

We offer FREE design services to help you incorporate our products into your next project. Contact us anytime, request a free sample, or send us your plans to get a quote for your next project!

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